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State of the Home Address - December 2012

Our State Of The Home Address is a time each month where we reflect on the efforts that we've made in the past month and the results that has had in our home. It's also a time where we look to the upcoming month and goals we would like to work toward.

Nothing like a month of illness and the holiday season to humble your attempts at change. I've had a rough month and had a hard time keeping to my routines. Been here and there with helping my house become a home and while I don't think I've totally let everything drop, I definitely haven't made the progress I hoped to. 

Main Living Areas (Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room)
Feeling pretty good about these areas as of late. They are still cluttery in some ways and very lived in, but for the most part I feel like these areas are about 15 minutes from company ready. I haven't made it to tidying the living room at the end of the day, but still hope to include that in most days in the future. 

Have decluttered some more clothes, but still feel like I have too many to comfortably fit in my wardrobe space. Did some decluttering on my side table and knowing where certain items are now has been helpful. Still have a long way to go, considering I feel like my half of our tiny bedroom is still very crowded.

The Abyss
Actually made pretty good progress on this one morning. Still need a lot of decluttering, but I can actually find some things in there, which is nice. I need to get photos printed for our photo frames and have the hubby hang them, which will get rid of one area of clutter. Hoping to sell my digital SLR camera which will get rid of another little pile. Another pile is gifts that I've purchased. Getting the Christmas ones wrapped will help, but I need to figure out the best way to store gifts that will be for other times in the year. Still need to majorly declutter the desk area and get rid of the desk that is currently in there. 

Christmas preparation has gone better this year and I had all major gifts purchased by Dec 1st. However, I still feel like the holiday is jumping up way too soon on me. Hoping to get a better handle on things next year, but struggling to know what I need to change next year to make things better. 

Laundry has not made it as part of my daily routine yet either. I've tried a couple of times, but laundry always seems to mentally thwart me. There are so many steps along the way that I find frustrating and easy to forget. I know the end goal (kept up laundry) is worth it though. 

I have a pile of decluttered items on my futon for a friend. This does not help the appearance of that area. Next time I need to make and execute a plan for getting rid of the items within a week of decluttering. 


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Dec. 13th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC)
Great job having the main areas of your house 15 minutes from company ready! I think that is huge and very exciting.
Also high five for making progress in the Abyss! I know that is one area that is overwhelming, so it is great that you are feeling better about it and are able to find some things.
I also think it is wonderful that you got ALL your major gifts purchased by Dec. 1st! That deserves another high five. :)
I'm really glad you decided on that challenge this year because I feel like it goes a long way with relieving some holiday stress and making this time of year more enjoyable.
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